Landsat 8 at Lizard Island, GBR, Australia
Please refer to ALUT vs 4SM
Argans Ltd.  ESA/Contract No 4000124860/I-NB. 2019. Sentinel Coastal Charting Worldwide

Hedley J.  IOCCG Summer Class 2018. Shallow water Remote Sensing (example at Lizard Island, GBR)
John D. Hedley, Chris Roelfsema , Vittorio Brando , Claudia Giardino , Tiit Kutser , Stuart Phinn , Peter J. Mumby , Omar Barrilero , Jean Laporte , Benjamin Koetz. 2018. Coral reef applications of Sentinel-2: Coverage, characteristics, bathymetry and benthic mapping with comparison to Landsat 8
Hamylton, S.M., Hedley, J.D., Beaman, R.J., 2015. Derivation of high-resolution bathymetry from multispectral satellite imagery: a comparison of empirical and optimisation methods through geographical error analysis. Remote Sens. 7, 16257–16273. https://doi.org/10.3390/rs71215829.


Lizard Island is shown: green ROI, 60 km north of Cooktown
17 february   2016 LUT, rainy season    feb 2016 processed april 2021
06 november 2020 LUT, spring season   nov 2020, optical calibration confirms LUT results processed april 2021


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