Landsat 8 OLI and PAN
Please refer to "Landsat-8: Science and product vision for terrestrial global change research".
Roy et al. Remote Sensing of Environment 145 (2014) 154-172

Interestingly, Landsat Science Team do not mention application of OLI data
to shallow water work (only water quality monitoring ),
  • although this data is used by most users who perform water column correction and depth retrieval
  • although we demonstrate a huge potential in this website

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15 m GSD pansharpened OLIP for SDB
PAN band for shallow water work
two peer-reviewed papers 2017
From DN to reflectance : made easy
OLI offsets : we deserve better
Noise : PANCHRO should be less noisy than MULTI
PAN-MULTI co-registration : must be improved for PAN sharpening
PAN response curve : is OK on the Blue side , should include NIR

Offsets: we deserve better!!
This is scene LC80120442013346LGN00 over Andros Island, Bahamas
The geometric consistency of the image is a must for shallow water work.
Clouds and haze at various altitudes are a world of complexity.
Haze MUST be deglinted.
This works reasonably well
if/provided the glint correlations do not include clouds.
Now, this deglinting is severely limited
by the geometric inconsistencies in the image (which pixels?).

see also Waimanalo WV2

  • there is a ~6 pixels offset
  • this is consistent accross the whole VISNIR bands
    • but NOT with the SWIR1 band
    • but NOT with the PAN band

  • in the SWIR1 image, the offset increases from ~6 to ~14 pixels, mailny in Y direction
  • this is enough to explain the poor glint correlations of SWIR1 with VISNIR bands
  • SWIR1 is not suitable for deglinting, unfortunately

This in itself is a cause of concern!

Now, this explains some weird observations!
As for
the 2*2 sum-aggregated
Panchromatic band,

there is only
a very small offset.

This is enough to explain
the poor glint correlations
of the PAN band
with other VISNIR bands.


Why is the OLI  PANCHRO band noisier than MULTI bands?

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