Optical calibration, bathymetry, water column correction and bottom typing of shallow marine areas, using passive remote sensing imageries
Landsat 8 at Florida Bay
WV2 and WV2P at Florida West Coast
ETM, ALI and HYPERION at Florida Keys
HICO at Key Largo


Landsat 8 at Florida Bay 
    scene aquired March 7th 2020
work done march 2021     
 15 m GSD, PANchromatic
4SLUT :  Self-calibrated Supervised  Simplified  Shallow LUT

WV2 at Florida West Coast

  December 29th 2011, 8875*14996, 2 m ground resolution
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Watch DigitalGlobe's bathymetry webinar 2013
work done in 2012

ETM, ALI, HYPERION at Florida Keys
images courtesy of USGS/GLOVIS
please refer to
"Properties of Shallow Water Environments Retrieved from Hyper-and-Multi-Spectral Space-Borne Sesnors" by ZhongPing Lee et al., 2006, US-NRL (pdf)
Bathymetry of shallow coastal regions derived from space-borne hyperspectral sensor"
by ZhongPing Lee et al, US-NRL (pdf)
see also QuickBird  densham NRL (pdf)

work done in 2010

HICO at Key Largo 




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