A time series of landsat 8 images
at San Lorenzo Channel, Baja California

Using the Panchromatic band for water column correction
to derive water depth and spectral bottom signature:

Landsat 8 OLIP bandset used for this work

Purple=1Blue=2Green=3PAN=4Red=5NIR=6 and SWIR1=7
Collaboration with 
Fabio Favoretto, Ph.D Student, Coralline Algae Ecology
Grupo Interdisciplinario de Ciencia Ambiental, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Sur
Carretera al sur km 5.5  | La Paz
Using pan sharpened images in this study
Pan sharpening by Fabio Favoretto, using R Brovey method

work done october 2016

October 19th 2013
15 m pansharpened resolution
Pansharpening by Fabio using R  October 15th 2016
scene LC80340432013292LGN00, October 19th 2013
DATE_ACQUIRED = 2013-10-19
    SCENE_CENTER_TIME = 17:49:41.2174901Z

Work done october 2016
DTM Seatruth

October 19th 2013    vs   Sonar Depths
RMSE=1.20 m


Sonar Two Days seatruth depths raster
not corrected for tide

15 m GSD
see depth legend

October 19th 2013    vs   DTM


DTM from U. of La Paz, Mexico
resampled to 15 m GSD
see depth legend

Depth residual ZDTM+0.5m - Z4SM
DTM - October 19th 2013
see legend 

Data and Deglinting
No smoothing

Full scene


TOA TCC: raw image

BOA TCC deglinted image

under the orange mask

16U data are scaled to allow for comfortable screen display

Calibration diagram
for the orange mask
for bands Blue, Green, Red and NIR

KBLUE/KGREEN=0.69 Jerlov water type OII
(slightly clearer further North)


Calibration diagram
for the orange mask
for bands Blue, PAN, Red, NIR


Ready for modeling
No smoothing

BOA TCC: water column corrected

Retrieved depth
see legend

Bottom typing
No smoothing

SAM classified image
see legend for image SAM

Average bottom brightness
see legend for image B

slcOLI_20131019_15mresults.zip   37 MB
updated below
updated below
Channel Descriptor    file="slcOLI_20131019_15mresults.pix";
 1 U8 SAM bottom typing-----------------------------
 2 U8 image B average bottom brightness (0-200)-----
 3 U8 image Z in decimeters-------------------------
 4 U8 WCC reflectance (0-250) at 440.0 nm-----------
 5 U8 WCC reflectance (0-250) at 480.0 nm-----------
 6 U8 WCC reflectance (0-250) at 560.0 nm-----------
 7 U8 WCC reflectance (0-250) at 590.0 nm-----------
 8 U8 WCC reflectance (0-250) at 655.0 nm-----------
 9 U8 WCCnormalized (0-250) at 440.0 nm>B-----------
10 U8 WCCnormalized (0-250) at 560.0 nm>G-----------
11 U8 WCCnormalized (0-250) at 480.0 nm>R-----------
12 S16 Z4SM in centimeters--------------------------
13 S16 ZDTM in centimeters--------------------------
14 S16 ZDTM-Z4SM in centimeters---------------------

slcOLI_20131019_15mresults.zip   50 MB



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