Investigating a LUT approach
using Landsat 8 data

Landsat 8 at Majuro and Arno atolls, The Marshall Islands
images courtesy of USGS
Using the Panchromatic band for water column correction
to derive water depth and spectral bottom signature:
Landsat 8 OLIP bandset used for this work

Purple=1Blue=2Green=3PAN=4Red=5NIR=6 and SWIR1=7

4SM and attenuation coefficient 2K

Dans General

What about the operational attenuation 2K in the simplified RTE? This all important question is discussed in detail by Maritorena et al, 1994, in their paper "Diffuse reflectance of oceanic shallow waters: influence of water depth and bottom albedo". I have come to suspect that shallow areas in a deglinted remote sensing image allow the practioner to derive a very good estimation of the value of spectral operational 2K in units of m-1 : Radiances in units of native image DNs may used: conversion into reflectances (0-1) is not a requirement when operating a "ratio m...

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4SM and ENVI

How about implementing 4SM into ENVI? Now that NOAA's method is available in ENVI: Spear Relative Water Depth This is "a bottom albedo-independent Bathymetry algorithm developed by Stumpf and Holderied (2003)" Time has come for 4SM to follow suit and show its strength as it definitly should take over! Time has come for 4SM to be operated through cloud computing....

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4SM and DigitalGlobe

About DigitalGlobe's BathymetricCompendium.pdf 2013 WATCH DigitalGlobe's bathymetry webinar 2013 THEN    review my invited comments...

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