Negril85 tutorial
Model 1
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 command line from Calibration 1

nice -20  4SM.4.08  -Process  -Origin/UofUpsala   
-B/tclNe/Bmin0/cLM1      .36           

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Results of First Model


image_Z250 in channel_8
fairly nice results

image_B in channel_10
mostly dark bottoms, except along the beach

image_WZ in channel_6
Most shallow pixels exhibit a null bottom detection
 in the Red band

image_WR in channel_7
Most pixels in the 0-6 m depth range
require a fairly strong smoothing
Negative bottom contrast
  • Negative bottom contrast occurs whenever Ls-Lsw<Lm
  • Quite often an image does not exhibit any negative bottom contrast
  • Here, with so much seagrass thriving on a terrigeneous bottom, negative bottom contrast cannot be ignored
  • see Syntax_Z
  • with negative bottom contrast enabled, bottoms are still modeled, even though their bottyom reflectance may be less than that of the water in the Blue bands
  • This can be risky where the image is noisy

image_Z250 in channel_8
fairly nice results

negative bottom contrast disabled

negative bottom contrast enabled




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