A 634*690 Landsat ETM 4 bands image of Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas

4SM licensekey is 68 US$ for this image

Please refer to

Please refer to "Optical remote sensing of benthic habitats and bathymetry in coastal environments
at Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas: a comparative study
by Louchard Eric, Reid Pamela, Stephens Carol, Davis Curtiss, Leathers Robert and Downes Valerie,
Limnology and Oceanography, 2003, vol. 48, pp511-521

work done in 2005
see also IKONOS image
see also WV2 image


True color composite, raw data


False color composite, raw data




image_Z stepped


image B


image BSC


image LBS

"a low-tide view"

image LBS normalized


Optical calibration


Optical water type OII+0.21
for wavelengths at 478, 577, 661 and 835 nm



image WZ

image WR


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