6949*5174 CASI image of Heron Island 
17 bands, UTM zone 56, ground resolution 1 m, collected July 1, 2 and 3rd 2002
Heron Reef data provided courtesy of the Center for Spatial Environmental Research at the University of Queensland.

Dataset provided by HyPhoon.com.

next to using a CASI Panchromatic band (march 2014)
4SM Demonstration using this study case (april 2014)


"SEATRUTH" is retrieved depth by University of Queensland

All profiling and modeling was done through an edge-preserving smoothing scheme.

Profile RED

Location of Profiles
  • In the plot to the left:
    • Black is our retrieved Z4SM (smart-smoothing applied)
    • Red is U. of Queensland's retrieved ZDTM
  • The colored line at the bottom indicates the highest ranking band used:

Profile Green
  • Our retrievals appear to be ~20 cm shallower than the DTM: this sort of discrepancy stems from the very way depths are computed in 4SM.

  • This also shows the water column corrected profiles for Blue, Green and Red bands: some variations of the spectral signature may be noticed.
  • these hyperspectral signatures shall then be used forbottom typing.

Profile Yellow
  • Note that the DTM exhibits depths of 40 cm over the beach

Profile Purple
  • Agreement is excellent over spectrally neutral bottom substrates, along the boat channel

Modeling of  the whole image runs for two hours.
All profiling and modeling was done through an edge-preserving smoothing scheme.

Modeling writes retrieved depth in centimeters
in a 16S channel_71

DTM subset from U. of Queensland
in a 16S channel_72

TCC 644, 547 and 479 nm
water column corrected
BOA, identical linear enhancement
Modeling writes a spectral water column corrected image:
in 17 U8 channels 54 to 70
TCC 644, 547 and 479 nm
raw, for a reference
BOA, identical linear enhancement

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