Syntax  for the -SCL argument:
Scaling factor from Raw U16 data into U8 data

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Syntax  for the -SCL argument:

Scaling factor from raw U16 data into scaled U8 data
  • For comfortable display/enhancement on screen in the 0-255 range.
  • This has no incidence on the way the computations are specified in 4SM
    • ?a priviledge of a "ratio method"
  • 16U or 16S values to be scaled to  the range 0-255 through the scaling process
    • shall first be multiplied by 10 before any use: SCL=SCL*10
    • scaling is then obtained by computing Ls=Ls*255/SCL
  • The values represent the brightness of clean bright beach in the image:
    • you adjust them a required.
    • what you want is that BOA radiances are scaled to ~200
For 16U data, you can specify -SCL/025.5/025.5/025.5/025.5
this shall achieve NO scaling: data shall be left un-scaled


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