to obtain or register
a 26 characters commandline licensekey

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In order to lift this chequer trick, please ensure your image is duely licensed
  • -LK
    • for the simple user to obtain the Required_Licensekey for the current image
    • the result shall then be ciphered by the superuser: see the -CK argument
  • -LK/commandLine_LicenseKey
  • -LK/xlg99kHH~h=xH9Fl=9gkl~DXXH/tmnov
    • to register in your script a CommandLine Licensekey for a new image,
    • this is provided by the super_user
  • you would use the -LK argument to obtain the Required_Licensekey for your image,
    • and e-mail it to me
  • then, subject to specific agreement,
    • either I would email back to you the Ciphered_LicenseKey for your image
      • so that you can include it in your script,
      • so that 4SM process your image straight away
    • or I would include it in a new version of the 4SM executable code, and send it to you



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