display various details on screen or in Postscript files

  • -DfirstRow/lastRow/firstLine/lastLine_comment
  • -DDrow/lin_comment
  • -DDDfirstRow/lastRow/firstLine/lastLine_SIGnumber
  • -DDD
  • -DCAL/bandCALi/bandCALj/bandCALout
screen-display SUMMARY detail for one line or pixel upon modeling
  • -DfirstRow/lastRow/firstLine/lastLine    
    • screen-display SUMMARY detail for one line upon modeling
    • see Syntax E
  • -D127/354
    • screen-display SUMMARY detail for one pixel upon modeling
  • screen-display full detail  for one pixel upon modeling
    display a Postscript plot
    this is for super-user only

-DDD351/397/37/60_12 one new bottom type signature #SIGnumber
  • compute and plot  bottom type signature

  • append a new signature in database.sig textfile
(that is a bare "-DDD")
compute and plot all bottom type signatures
  • runs through the full list of bottom type signatures stored in database.sig textfile
  • compute and plot all     bottom type signatures
  • append all bottom type signatures in database.sig textfile
  • outline a rectangular box for each signature in channel  chU8_BSC
to plot the water column corrected signature of all calibration BPL pixels
to burn calibration BPL pixels for the pair ij into a "void" channel
  • runs through all calibration BPL pixels for the pair bandCALi/bandCALj
    • plots and displays the water column corrected signature of each of the BPL pixels
  • blanks channel bandCALout: please ensure channel bandCALout is actually a "void channel"!
    • then writes one pixel at 255 in channel bandCALout for each of the BPL calibration pixels for the pair bandCALi/bandCALj
  • A(a) for an automatic optimization of LsM

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