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to cipher a Required_LicenseKey

for super-user only
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  • this reads the 26 characters of the Required_Licensekey for a given image
  • computes and displays a ciphered version of this licensekey
  • which then can be
    • either.....included in the script for un-limited operation of 4SM using that image
    • or...........included in a new version of the 4SM executable code

  • you would use the -LK argument to obtain the Required_Licensekey for your image
    • and e-mail it to me
  • then, subject to specific agreement,
    • either I would email back to you the Ciphered_LicenseKey for your image
      • so that you can include it in your script, so that 4SM process your image straight away
    • or I would include it in the 4SM executable code

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