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Clean the directory of all un-necessary files, then compress by bzip2
  • If BAND interleaving: set all operational channels to Zero in PCIDSK database
  • If FILE interleaving: erase all operational channels in PCIDSK database
  • Erase all un-necessary files in the directory
  • Then compress the whole directory with bzip2

-Archive/Zip..............Cleans the directory and recursively compresses it by bzip2
  • Archive keeps raw data channels and channel_mSE: other channels are erased 
  • When next you want to return to that directory:
    • bunzip2 the directory
    • run your script:
      • if FILE interleaving, 4SM shall first restore all missing files,
      • then shall proceed as usual

-Archive/Full.............Prepare for a 4SM demo afresh
  • Erases the full database,
  • cleans everything else, 
  • then starts a Demo afresh



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