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Florida Bay Map and Guide


"Reflectance in Florida Bay is often correlated with depth, especially following strong wind events where bottom sediments in shallow regions are easily resuspended resulting in increased reflectance. Stronger reflectance is also typically found in regions that have lost seagrass coverage since sediments in these areas are easily mobilized. "
This NOAA/CoastView map provides adequate seatruth,
as the tide height is reported to be at most ~40 cm in Florida Bay.

AVHRR reflectance animation in 1996 by USGS

What can cause this remarkable phenomenon?
Possibly variable salinity

L71015043_04320030112 12 JAN 2003

L71015043_04320020314 14 MAR 2002

L71015043_04320020415 15 APR 2002

L71015043_04320020125 25 JAN 2002


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