tmnov tutorial :
Fake PLEIADES tutorial
Fake PLEIADES tutorial
  • January 10th 2018
  • I can only suppose Massimo ran the Tarawa, Arcachon and Caicos tutorials!
  • PLEIADES imagery is not implemented in 4SM yet.
  • BGRN: database structure for four Pleiades bands, blue-green-red-nir shall be similar to Landsat TM
  • I want to assist in developping a Pleiades tutorial using Massimo's image subset.
  • For now, please: let's pretend tmnov.pix is Pleiades data!
  • So we import tmnov.pix from data/TM_009_045_1990-11-22, and pretend it is PLEIADES data!
    • just I changed the name of the working database and some metadata
  • I have started implementing procecessing of PLEIADES image in 4SM code
  • Please use latest 4SM.8.02 executable dated January 10th 2018 provided in my email
#Line_0 - create the database costa_toscana.pix and run the AutoCalibrator
nice -20  ./4SM.8.02 -Process/10_Jan_2018  -Origin/MassimoPerma @@
-DB/costa_toscana/31_3s_0s_0s/4_1/1265_1560/208.350_2398.770 @@
-Mis/Italy/costa_toscana/PLEIADES/1A/NA/bOA/UTM_32_008/0.030_0.030/03_AUG_2017 @@
-MakePIX/Import @@
-Import/v/dTM/data*TM_009_045_1990-11-22/dbnc_6_0S_0s_0s/R4341_L4462/Origin_129.510_2448.060_0_0/chIn1,4/chOut1,4/import @@
  • start with a brand new tmnov tutorial, fresh from unziping 4sm_tutorial
  • copy the above command line into and make this script executable
  • use the latest 4SM.8.02 executable code from my email,
    • make it executable in working directory
  • then run
  • enjoy the show: it runs the AutoCalibration process
    • actually using 30 m GSD Caicos data subsetted from data/TM_009_045_1990-11-22
    • but calling it costa_toscana instead of tmnov
Then, we shall keep working in order to make it a real Pleiades tutorial,
if data is suitable

PLEIADES response curves
WLMin[1]=430; WLMax[1]=550; ==>WL=490 nm Blue
WLMin[2]=500; WLMax[2]=620; ==>WL=560 nm Green
WLMin[3]=590; WLMax[3]=710; ==>WL=650 nm Red
WLMin[4]=740; WLMax[4]=940; ==>WL=840 nm NIR
  • Fancy shapes: careful, maybe wavelengths at mid-waveband is not optimal.
  • PANchromatic band covers Blue-Green-Red-NIR: this is promising.


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