4SM and cloud computing

So much for cloud computing:
VNC : let's work together live!

Cloud computing
  • 4SM executable code is for Intel x86 CPU in a 32 bits UbuntuLinux/Gnome/bash environment.

  • MS addicts: most prospective "would-be" 4SM users are stuck with their own MS setup. They won't hear of installing Linux on their machine.

  • Cloud computing appears to be the solution these days: I see several advantages

    • 4SMguest users on Server shall have a great 4SM-tutorials experience from inside their petty MS session wherever they happen to sit, provided they practise in the basics of using the Server's UbuntuLinux/GNOME/bash environment.

    • Then later they should love to connect to Server, load they petty image and start playing privately with it on their own, see what gives.

    • Then eventually decide to request/pay for a 4SM licensekey for their image for full unrestricted 4SM processing, once in a while.

    • Then some heavy users might want to upgrade to superuser status for commercial 4SM services purposes.

  • Be quick : register your interest for setting up an Ubuntu server for open cloud use

    • for 4SM tutorials

    • for 4SM processing of archive images

    • for 4SM processing of current project images

    • for staging a "Water Column Correction contest" for anyone to put forward their own solution under some kind of steering comitee (academics and businesses),

      • where the same imagery and ancillary data would be made available to interested competitors

      • where the steering comitee would rate each contribution and publish their assessment

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