4SM and attenuation coefficient 2K

What about the operational attenuation 2K in the simplified RTE?
  • This all important question is discussed in detail by Maritorena et al, 1994, in their paper "Diffuse reflectance of oceanic shallow waters: influence of water depth and bottom albedo".
  • I have come to suspect that shallow areas in a deglinted remote sensing image allow the practioner to derive a very good estimation of the value of spectral operational 2K in units of m-1 :
    • Radiances in units of native image DNs may used: conversion into reflectances (0-1) is not a requirement when operating a "ratio method".
    • Retrieved depths are computed in units of m, without the need/use of any field data for calibration of the simplified RTE.
    • Water column corrected spectral bottom signatures are computed in units of native image DNs.
  • This is presented in my new web page 4SM 2K Jerlov.

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