Optical calibration, bathymetry, water column correction and bottom typing of shallow marine areas, using passive remote sensing imageries
Virtual Network Computing

So, as a Microsoft Windows addict, you're reluctant?
No worries,
you can 
access my machine for 4SM demo, tutorials, and processing!

4SM VNC session

VNC server on my machine

  • I have set up a X11vnc VNC server on my Ubuntu/Linux machine
  • so that you can connect to that machine through the internet
    • for a live demo
    • for hands on tutorial
    • for processing of your image

Ubuntu's X11vnc won't work

  • I need to enable SSH for security reasons

  • I need proper compression for optimized performances over slow/moderate bandwidth internet connection

  • ==> I now have installed NoMachine's NX, both server and client: it's free and cross-platform

Chat room

  • I have set up a account on Gmail    rspfsm at gmail dot com
  • You can use this to chat with me live when I am connected
  • This allows us stage a teleconference during a NX session: I give my comments, you give speak out your mind, all this live using a microphone

Live 4SM demo teleconference

  • You set a NX client on your machine: ...................it's free and cross-platform
  • You set up a Gmail account with Google: .............it's free and cross-platform
  • You contact me by email, requesting a NX session
  • I give you
  • the public IP address of my internet connection router,
  • your 4SM username and password for you to start a session on my machine
  • We agree on date and time
  • On agreed time,
    • you connect your machine to my machine using the above IP address, username and password
    • we start chatting on Gmail
    • I start my 4SM demo
    •  you watch it: nothing to do, just watch
    • I voice my comments through our Gmail chat session
    •  you speak your mind through our Gmail chat session

Hands on tutorials on your own : free

  • Whenever I am connected to the intermet
    • you can connect to my machine
    • you need me to approve your request 
    • then you can go through the 4SM tutorials on your own
    • for free.

Supervised tutorials : 200 euros per hour

  •  I can be your supervisor, so that your learning curve shall be steeper
  •  My fee are 1600 euros per day, i.e. 200 euros per hour

Unsupervised processing : 125 euros per hour

  • Whenever I am connected to the intermet
    • you can connect to my machine
    • you need me to approve your request
    • then you can process your image on your own, privately in your private directory on my machine
  • My fees are 1000 euros per day, i.e. 125 euros per hour

Supervised processing : free

  • You copy your image and seatruth data in your private directory on my machine
  • You agree that I can use this data for promotional purpose, on my website and/or in tutorials
  • I need to approve both your image and your seatruth data for supervised processing
  • I assist you while you go through all the calibration and processing steps


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