Optical calibration, bathymetry, water column correction and bottom typing of shallow marine areas, using passive remote sensing imageries
Things we know
Things we don't

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Lsw The problem with Lsw in an 8 bits image


   BPL The Brightest Pixels Line assumption is mostly trustworthy    1  2   3
Jerlov Jerlov's table of diffuse attenuation coefficients for downwelling irradiance is applicable to two-ways shallow water RS radiance      1  
Deglint Deglinting does a good job indeed!
It does remove sun/sky glint - and/or some adjacency effect situations
Panchro The panchromatic band of SPOT XS+P may be used as an extra multispectral band
 (see BoraBora      Sanaa      4SM_panchro)
Smoothing Smart Smoothing does a good job!  
Soil Line The Soils Line is trustworthy,  to a limited extent though: the RLBgb trick can help a lot!   



Bandset: wavelengths in nanometers





Landsat TM


Landsat ETM





-WLM??? -WLm??? -cWL???




Wavelengths at mid waveband are applicable,
with some caution though in the yellow-orange region of the solar spectrum.
Using the -CP argument is a must.










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