Optical calibration, bathymetry, water column correction and bottom typing of shallow marine areas, using passive remote sensing imageries
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Credits and License for this website
The documents and source code on this website are maintained by Yann MOREL.
The documents and source code are made available under the 
Creative Commons  Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).
You are free to modify, extend, and improve the  documents and source code under the terms of this license. 
All derivative works must be released under this license.
An explanation and copy of the license are available.

Call for business partners

My goal
is to bring to market a new and operational solution
to the use of multispectral or hyperspectral remote sensing imagery
for the assessment and management of the coastal zone habitats. 
  • 4SM presently has over 50,000 lines of ANSI C code in one single 4SM.c source code.
  • Plain programming: I am not a trained programmer.
  • Controlled by a bash script command line, no graphic interface yet.
  • Processed up to 28 wavebands fairly large hyperspectral mosaic
  • File structure: 4SM supports PCIgeomatica image formats File interleaving and Band interleaving.
  • Needs to be consolidated, to be made available to WinXP users, and to support some other upmarket image processing environments like ENVI, ERDAS, ERMAPPER, ...

My offer

Research & Publish
Are you interested in researching/publishing/promoting
on the 4SM approach?

If you are competent/knowledgeable, you can do it:
I want to cooperate.

  • Four free tutorials
  • More tutorials for a price
  • Your image: I want to work on your image, interact with you.
SUPER USER for two years
  • cpuid is a program to find the CPUID information of the Intel or AMD x86 processors
  • I can grant you unlimited and free use of executable 4SM for two years
  • on your Intel or AMD x86 machine through Linux's cpuid command.
  • prefered format is .img or .pix or GEOTIF
  • raw U8 or U16 data, NOT atmospherically corrected, NOT enhanced
  • UTM georeferenced
  • with relevant seatruth data:
    • DTM or depth sounding lines are prefered to depth soundings
Corporate VPN = PRIVACY
  • I have some experience of working on a corporate computer through a Virtual Private Network:
  • They had set up Linux/ggv/cpuid and PCI on their corporate MS-Windows Intel-386 system, and given me Read/Write/Execute permissions on one of their directories.
  • Through a broadband connection, I was able to open a session on their machine, and process several of their hyperspectral images over the week end: they were ready for the next monday morning!
  • That was from my hotel room; it could as well have been from my home. I really enjoyed working this smartest of ways: it was most efficient.
  • ==> Send me the details for a VPN setup on my WinXP (or Ubuntu-Linux) session, and I shall endeavour to process your image in my allocated directory on your Intel-386 machine over a broadband connection. This needs the following system calls to work: gedit, ggv, chmod, rm, mkdir, dir, cp, zip, bzip2, gcc, whoami, cpuid
  • No fuss: your image/seatruth data are protected: I can't copy them out of my allocated directory
  • Monitor: you can monitor the progress as I process your image
  • Communication: we can interact as I process your image
Tutorials and teaching
  • Free 4SM license: I want to grant you free 4SM license for your image, in exchange for a copy of your image and sea-truth data.
  • Free 4SM license: how about I get a copy of five of your existing favorite archive images, complete with a copy of your sea-truth data. In return:
    • I process these images, complete with sea-truth exercis.
    • I send you back the result of this work on CD, complete with PCI file.pix, 4SM executable code, 4SM command line, and ancillary files.
    • You grant me permission to use this work for promotional purpose.
  • Customized tutorials: I can put together 4SM tutorials for your favorite study cases.
  • Teaching students: I have experience in teaching shallow water modeling.
    • This needs a full day, then one or two days for practicals.
    • Why not I teach your students through some kind of teleconferencing?
    • We could even put together and advertise a tutorial DVD.
  • GPL: after so many years in isolation, I might as well release 4SM under some flavor of GPL license. I just need some encouragements and support.

you name it: we need to talk


? Where is the market ?

As of january 2016, 4SM is a 22 years development.
Can you afford to invest in such a lengthy development?

Shall you postpone your shallow water applications until something like 4SM comes in the open for free?
Is it possible that there is no commercial potential in this application?
Why is nobody prepared to pay for a training in 4SM, for the use of 4SM?

We need to team up.


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