Optical calibration, bathymetry, water column correction and bottom typing of shallow marine areas, using passive remote sensing imageries
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2021 using a LUT to map the spatial variations of the two-ways diffuse attenuation coefficient Bahamas
jan 2021
7 published two peer-reviewed papers    
2016 processing pan sharpened Landsat 8 time series 
DTM seatruth; SAM bottom typing
Mexico oct  2016
2016 processing a time series of 18 Landsat 8 OLI scenes of Caicos Bank. Bahamas
    DTM seatruth; SAM bottom typing
Bahamas july-sept 2016
2016 processing of HICO at La Parguera, Puerto Rico    
2016 processing of HICO hyperspectral image at Bahrain    
2015 processing of HICO hyperspectral images    
2014 operational effective wavelengths: problem solved at last    
2014 4SM demonstration: 0.035 ms per pixel on a 17 bands hyperspectral dataset    
2014 Hyphoon blog      
2013 CASI at Heron Island    
2013 4SM history        from 1994 to 2013    
2013 4SM panchro      the panchromatic band is now used for OLI and WV2 images    
2013 4SM procedure   formalizes the steps from importing raw data to modeling     
2013 4SM reflectance  now writes out water column corrected in reflectance (0-1)    
AutoCalibrator   started 2009
review of papers by other investigators   May 2011
Bottom type signatures at Loe Key Florida May 2011
How it is done    at Caicos Bank Bahamas May 2011
PlotZ23 and PlotZZ        at Caicos Bank Bahamas May 2011


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