As of 2021, I am investigating a 4SM-LUT approach

Passive optical calibration, satellite derived bathymetry, water column correction
and bottom typing of shallow water areas using remote sensing imageries.

Use passive hyperspectral or multispectral satellite images 
to retrieve both SDB depth and spectral reflectance of shallow bottom, 
ready for bottom typing, ahead of any field work: no need for field data.

Self-calibrated Supervised Spectral Shallow-sea Modeler

Panchromatic   Pansharpened

And the winner is Uncertainty on depth  Empirical vs Analytical 

2K_Jerlov                           4SM_LUT      
   4SM workstation     4SM flowchart   

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Two peer-revued articles:


Two Landsat 8 time series in the Bahamas
No need for formal atmospheric correction
No use of field data for optical calibration
Water column corrected signatures calibrated into reflectance (0-1) for OLI and WV2
This also works with PAN-sharpenned images


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