Optical calibration, bathymetry, water column correction and bottom typing of shallow marine areas, using passive remote sensing imageries
WV2 and WV2P at Florida West Coast,
ETM, ALI and HYPERION at Florida Keys
HICO at Key Largo

Florida West Coast
WorldView 2
  December 29th 2011, 8875*14996, 2 m ground resolution
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work done in 2012

Florida Keys

images by USGS/GLOVIS
please refer to
"Properties of Shallow Water Environments Retrieved from Hyper-and-Multi-Spectral Space-Borne Sesnors" by ZhongPing Lee et al., 2006, US-NRL (pdf)
Bathymetry of shallow coastal regions derived from space-borne hyperspectral sensor" by ZhongPing Lee et al, US-NRL (pdf)
see also QuickBird  densham NRL (pdf)
NASA's RST Sect3/Sect3_9.html

work done in 2010



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