To plot a spatial profile of ZC and ZR versus distance

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1 - NO NEED for field data, nor for atmospheric correction
2 - this is demonstrated in this website, using a variety of hyper/multi spectral data
Requirements are
1 - homogeneous water body and atmosphere
2 - some coverage of optically deep water
3 - some coverage of dry land
Problems are
1 - the precision on estimated depth is found wanting, because the noise-equivalent change in radiance  of accessible data is too high for shallow water column correction work 
2 - radiance data should be preprocessed by the provider at level 1 in order to improve S/N ratio
3 - exponential decay: the deeper/darker the bottom, the poorer the performances
I keep digging
until suitable data
become available
needs updating
First run  sea truth regression  : this writes textfile database_RegressZZ.txt
  • -ProfileZZV(v)/database/coefXY_deltaX_deltaY/coefZR_deltaZR
  • -ProfileZZv/tmnov/0.001_0_-2000/1_0
  • -ProfileZZv/negril85/0.001_0_0/1_0
  • Textfile
    • 4SM appends "_RegressZZ.txt" to database name (==> tmnov_RegressZZ.txt ) and reads this file
    • It contains columns for XUTM, YUTM, ZRecorded, ZComputed,  etc
  • coefXY_deltaX_deltaY/coefZR_deltaZR
    • ?these parameters allow for adjusting and scaling the values if/as required
      • X =deltaX + X *coefXY  
      • Y =deltaY + Y *coefXY   
      • ZR =deltaZR+ZR *coefZR
      • ZR format is X Y ZR ZC        
  • The output is
    • a script
    • which is executed immediately for display of a  database_ProfileZZ.eps


HowTo ProfileZZ 
Syntax ProfileZZ