Specify one -or a series of- shallow water Calibration Pixel for the BPL model
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  • -CP/160.32/98.62/013.82_0.75m
    • upon calibration, a choice of CP arguments is proposed on screen
  • Linear BPL model: one shallow calibration pixel is optional
    • If no -CP... argument is specified, the -KK... argument provides the  ratio Ki/Kj for bands i and j.
    • If a -CP... argument is specified, the slope Ki/Kj of the BPL model for each pair of bands i and j in the linearized scatter plot is maded to be the ratio which is specified through -LsM and -CP argument(s).
      • this overrides the value for the ratio Ki/Kj which is specified in the -KK... argument
  • Curved BPL model: several -CP arguments may be defined in the commandline, in order to specify a curved BPL model in one of two cases:
    • for specifying optically stratified waters
    • they must appear in order of increasing depth
  • If a radiance is too close to Lsw, best is to set it at 00.00
  • -CPF for Final, usually set to -CP (don't bother, of no use anymore)   outdated



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