Bathymetry and water column correction
at SanLorenzoChannel, Baja california
Image courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey
Using the Panchromatic band for water column correction
to derive water depth and spectral bottom signature:

Landsat 8 OLIP bandset used for this work
Purple=1Blue=2Green=3PAN=4Red=5NIR=6 and SWIR1=7

Work done july 2018
GSD 15 m

1 - NO NEED for field data, nor for atmospheric correction
2 - this is demonstrated in this website, using a variety of hyper/multi spectral data
Requirements are
1 - homogeneous water body and atmosphere
2 - some coverage of optically deep water
3 - some coverage of dry land
Problems are
1 - the precision on estimated depth is found wanting, because the noise-equivalent change in radiance  of accessible data is too high for shallow water column correction work 
2 - radiance data should be preprocessed by the provider at level 1 in order to improve S/N ratio
3 - exponential decay: the deeper/darker the bottom, the poorer the performances
I keep digging
until suitable data
become available

4SM and ENVI

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How about implementing 4SM into ENVI?

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  • Yann MOREL dit :
    08/10/2013 à 12h 12min

    Bonjour Antoine, I have no plan yet. Just I figure that's the way to go: use IDL and connect with the ENVI community. 1 - First I need "a lot of guys from the RS optical community" to state their views. 2 - Then hopefully, I can attract interest from a group of sponsors who is willing to step forward with propper $$$ and technical support. 3 - Then of course, it shall require a show of interest on the part of EXELIS. 4 - Last, all that should happen before I start shaking and become oblivious of things: time is running.

  • Antoine Collin dit :
    30/9/2013 à 12h 12min

    Dear Yann, When will you implement the 4SM into ENVI? Will you directly collaborate with Exelis? I am indeed quite interesting in these results as a lot of guys from the RS optical community. All the best, Antoine.