A time series of Landsat 8 OLIP images
at Lizard Island, GBR, Australia

work done in 2020 at 15 m GSD
Using the Panchromatic band for water column correction
to derive water depth and spectral bottom signature:

Landsat 8 OLIP bandset used for this work

Purple=1Blue=2Green=3PAN=4Red=5NIR=6 and SWIR1=7

   peer-reviewed and published in 2017    



Some day, the 4SM command line shall be controled by a graphic user interface.
This is demanded by all potential users, who are put off by the complex and fuzzy 4SM command line.
I am certainly not the best person to take charge of that!

Why not you offer to take this onboard your workplan?
Rewards apply!!!!!!!


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