Arcachon tutorial: Modeling 2
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Things you can do

Enable the NIR band
change    -Lm/0004.0/002.0/255.0         for     -Lm/0004.0/002.0/002.0        


Red ..............for wZ=3
Green ...........for wZ=2
Blue ..............for wZ=1
Dark Blue ....wZ=240


Mask the deep waters : deep.shp
rename deep.shpp into deep.shp
  • create a deep water shapefile deep.shp over a backdrop image of the green XS1 band
  • recode to 240 all pixels coded at 2 which are under the mask deep.shp
    • -Recode/2_InChannel_4_into_240_OutChannel_4/deep
  • release the threshold on the green band
    • -Lm/0002.0/002.0/002.0        
#Line_8 Model 2+++++++++++ Model 2+++++++++++ Model 2+++++++++++
nice -20  ./4SM.4.08 -Process/14_Jul_2011/06_JUL_2011  -OriginSPT @@
-DB/arcachon/27_1_0_0/3_1/500_630/0.010_22.610/1_1 @@
-Mis/Arcachon/France/Spot/XS/NA/UTM_1_008/0.020_0.020/1_AUG_1986 @@
-LS/0255.0/255.0/255.0 @@
-M/000001/00002/00003 @@
-LsM/078.8/071.2/065.2_cLM=0.450 @@
-Lsw/030.4/014.2/008.0 @@
-Lw/0002.5/000.0/000.0 @@
-Lm/0002.0/002.0/002.0 @@
-KK1_2_0.42/Knir4.500/mask_1 @@
-Z/MSL0.00/cZ1.000 @@
-B/tclNe/Bmin110/LBref135_100/cLM1.00 @@
@Extract/v/mBPL2 @@
@Calibrate/v/BdSNpzg/BDh_12_13 @@
-Model/mask_2 @@
-Smooth/5/D/Smart+ @@

XS1 : the Green band
  • The practioner must exercise his/her judgment.
  • Mask deep.shp is shown in white

deep waters are coded at 240 (dark blue)


Bathymetry survey 1987 by Port of Bordeaux.
Spot image was acquired in 1986.
  • Z is now modeled down to 7.7 m
  • Lmgreen=2 seems acceptable
  • Try Lmgreen=2.5 or Lmgreen=1.5
All the resources are used  
down to
 a bottom_contrast=2.0
  • NIR solution
  • then red solution
  • then one-band case

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