Bathymetry and water column correction
4SM study cases:

many of them a bit old:
4SM keeps improving all the time!
passive multispe
ctral bathymetry  mapng, optical bathyme
Shallow water optical modeling
is operational and practical

Cockburn Sound, Western Australia
Marmion Marine  Park, Western Australia
Geraldton, Western Australia
Perth mosaic, Western Australia
Oahu, Hawaii Islands
La Parguera, Puerto Rico
Rangiroa & Tikehau atolls, French Polynesia
Kauai, Hawaii Islands Ikonos



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Bahia San Basilio, Baja California 15 m GSD december 2019
Mulroy Bay, Ireland 15 m GSD PAN sharpened may 2018
Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia 15 m GSD PAN sharpened time series november 2016 OLIP
Gulf of Laganas, Greece 15 m GSD PAN sharpened time series november2016 OLIP
San Lorenzo Channel, B. California 15 m GSD PAN sharpened time series october2016 OLIP
Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas time series of images, robustness PAN+MULTI sept-2016 OLIP
Caicos Bank, Bahamas time series of 18 scenes PAN+MULTI july-sept2016 OLIP
La Parguera, Puerto Rico PAN, LIDAR may2016 OLIP
Fakarava atoll, French Polynesia optical calibration  oct2014 OLIP
Shuwayhat Island, UAE optical calibration, PAN solution oct2014 OLIP
Dry Tortugas NP, FloridaKeys PAN, SWIR1,LIDAR jan2014 OLIP
Heron Island, GBR, Australia PAN, SWIR1, DTM                dec2013 OLIP
Whitsunday Is, Australia bad turbidity unsuitable for shallow water work nov2013 OLIP
Andros, Bahamas PAN, SWIR1               nov2013 OLIP
Shark Bay,Western Australia  PAN, SWIR1        sept2013 OLIP
Marawaah Island, UAE PAN, SWIR1              sept2013 OLIP
Rangiroa & Tikehau atolls
French Polynesia
PAN, SWIR1               sept2013 OLIP
Scott Reef, Timor Sea  Hardly any dryland ETM
Caicos, Bahamas 23 co-registered ETM images ETM
Andros, Bahamas operational wavelengths ETM
Florida, USA water types Coastal4 to OIB in Florida Bay ETM, ALI, HYPERION
Sharkbay, Western Australia Bierwirth's Hamelin Pool location  ETM
Negril, Jamaica   ETM, ALI, HYPERION
Tarawa atoll, Kiribati   SPOT, EM, ALI, HYPERION
Alacranes atoll, Gulf of Mexico   ETM
Chinchorro atoll, Gulf of Mexico   ETM
Gubal, Red Sea   TM
Greenland Melt lakes on the ice shelf at ~1,300 m ETM, ALI, HYPERION
Bora Bora, French Polynesia  Pan+XS SPOT, ALI, HYPERION
Moorea, French Polynesia  Nice seatruth SPOT, ALI
Rangiroa atoll, French Polynesia Waters not homogeneous ETM, SPOT, CASI
Salars in Chili  Coipasa and Uyuni, at high altitude ETM, ALI, HYPERION
Zirku Island, UAE  4 ETM images ETM
Ras Hatibah, Red Sea A time series of TM & ETM images,
Combined Depth
Tanzania  12 co-registered ETM images ETM
Sabah, Borneo    ETM
Davies Reef, GBR, Australia  No dryland at all  ETM
Heron Island, Australia   ETM
Hyperspectral imager aboard ISS
La Parguera, Puerto Rico Synthetic panchromatic channel
PAN solution vs GREEN solution
may 2016
Bahrain, Persian Gulf Synthetic panchromatic channel
PAN solution vs GREEN solution
march 2016
Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas Synthetic panchromatic channel
shallow depth and bottom typing
Saint Andrews Bay, Georgia   april 2015
Key Largo, Florida   april 2015

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bathymtery webinar 2013  

WorldView 2
Gulf of Laganas, Greece extremely dark bottoms feb2016 WV2P
Cockburn Sound, Western Australia dark bottoms, low light, turbid   nov2013 WV2P
Lee Stocking Is, Bahamas
a nice case for WV2P imagery   
oct2013 WV2P
Buck Island Reef, USVI "NoNeed for field data", LIDAR  apr2013 WV2
Marmion Marine Park, Western Australia extremely dark bottoms             jan2013 WV2P
Perth, WA extremely dark bottoms            jan2013 WV2P
Princess Cays, Bahamas a "best case scenario"               dec2012 WV2
Florida West Coast quite complex hydrology           oct2012 WV2P
Waimanalo Beach, Oahu, Hawaii Islands strong glint, LIDAR seatruth      jan2012 WV2
Geraldton, Western Australia extremely dark bottoms            nov2011 WV2
Bahrain dredging activities                    mar2011 WV2



Costa Tuscana, Italy   march 2018
Shiraho Reef, Japan Pan-sharpened and GoogleEarth-derived  mar2015 QBP
Fakarava, French Polynesia optical calibration                            oct2014  
La Parguera, Puerto Rico feb2014  
Bora Bora, French Polynesia mar2010  
Tarawa atoll, Kiribati may2010  
Negril, Jamaica    
Florida, USA aug2010  
Greenland may2010  
Salar de Coipasa, Chili feb2010  
New Caledonia nov2009  
Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas   IKONOS 2002
Clipperton Island   IKONOS 2002
Dubai  has seatruth profiles IKONOS 2002
Heron island, Great barrier   IKONOS 2002
Kauai, Hawaii Islands has SHOALS seatruth coverage IKONOS 2011
Heron Island, GBR HYPHOON  from U. of Queensland  CASI 2013
Prince Edward Is, Canada  has seatruth dataset CASI 2002
Gezirat Siyul, Red Sea bottom typing CASI 2000
Poivre Island, Seychelles   CASI 2006
Rangiroa, French Polynesia   CASI, ETM, SPOT
St Lucia, West Indies   CASI
Mahone bay, NS, Canada  huge mosaic CASI 2006
Janvrin island, Canada   CASI
Tracady Bay, NS, Canada   CASI
Agay, French Riviera   CASI 2004
Porquerolles Is, French Riviera   CASI 2004
Menton , French Riviera   CASI 2004
Cap Martin , French Riviera   CASI 2004
Frontiere, French Riviera   CASI 2004
Kanehoe Bay, Oahu 4 bands  1998
Sanaa, Red Sea Pan sharpened SPOT 5 SPOT5 2003
Anaa, French Polynesia   SPOT
Bora Bora, French Polynesia Pan + XS SPOT, ALI,HYPERION
Moorea, French Polynesia has seatruth depth profiles SPOT, ALI
Rangiroa, French Polynesia   SPOT,ETM, CASI
Takapoto, French Polynesia   SPOT
Tarawa, Kiribati   SPOT
Marakei, Kiribati   SPOT
Manihi, French Polynesia   SPOT
Kauehi, French Polynesia   Aerial Photo
Various bathy maps in French  Polynesia   SPOT


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